Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills

Why Us

Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills is the first choice for a customer when it comes to new challenges. Our state of art setup equipped with the latest machinery is operated by devoted and industrious employees under the supervision of an experienced core team and this makes us unique among the other textile processing units in Pakistan. Our working process starts with a proper R&D of the product. With the help of our researchers at the lab, we formulate innovative solutions to cater to our client’s needs. The detailed research and development are done with the help of advanced machinery enable us to be consistent in our quality and reproduce those solutions when required.

Our production process is environment and worker friendly. We take the safety of our workers and environment with deep concern making sure that we do not use any chemicals that can have bad impact on our worker’s health or environment. In short, we strive to bring excellence and perfection in each possible domain of our business.