Continuous Bleaching Range

Singeing with two burners Versatile options like two-stage continuous bleaching, batch wise HT Automatic chemical dosing

EU-based Mercerizing Range

Electronically controlled caustic concentration Temperature Monitoring Eco-friendly

Pad Steam Range

pecially suitable for short-run dyeing of shirts/shalwar Qameez fabrics Unique steamer Efficient washing range

Continuous Dyeing Range

Kuster mangle for uniform dyeing.

Curing Machine

To give a resin finish to the fabrics

Stenter & Shrinking Range

Monforts Stenters with 10 heat chamber Flexible shrinkage control options

Sueding Range

Precise levels of Peaching

Airo Range

AIRO® Process gives extra Soft Touch, Volume and Drape to the Fabric AIRO®HAND is a HIGH CLASS Italian Process Introduced first time in Pakistan by Ahmad

Continuous Decatizing Range

Suitable for PV blends and wool blends Imparts volume and bulky feel to the fabric