Our parent company, Ahmad Textile Industries started as a small processing factory in 1983 by our founder and chairman Mr. Abdul Sattar Jan. In 1984, a new building-space was bought where blend dyeing operations were started. Ahmad Textile Industries then decided to tap the export market for which wider-width bedding made-ups operations were commenced in 1987. Later in 1989, cotton fabric processing was initiated which eventually became the main business for Ahmad Textile Industries. Muhammad Ahmad, the current CEO stepped into this business as a helping hand to his father in 1994.

Mr. Ahmad brought in new management systems in the company and showed great efficacy at understanding the modern-day needs of our clientele. Since 1994, he has led the business to new heights. Jamal Jan, the younger sibling also joined the business in 2005 and followed in the footsteps of his elder brother. We changed our name to Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills in 2010.

The company reached a milestone when the entire setup was shifted into a new state-of-art facility equipped with continuous production ranges to meet the growing demands of the market.