Community Development

Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills has an educational promotion program started around two years ago. This program aimed at increasing literacy rates, providing quality education and making the environment in government schools and surrounding community areas more conducive to learning and personal growth.
For this purpose, AJTM conducts periodic meetings with the headmasters and senior teachers to discuss plans, requirements, concerns, and even encourages feedback to enable better results in the future. This helps AJTM to improve the standard of education in its surroundings allowing the students to be more successful professionally as well as personally.
The following are the salient features of our community development efforts:
Scholarship Program:
This is one of the key steps taken by Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills for the needy students or parents those cannot afford the tuition expenses of their children.
These scholarships are given to schools or parents on a monthly basis.
Apprenticeship Program:
It is an initiative taken up by AJTM to provide employment opportunities to the unemployed. This program has the following features: