About Us

Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills is the dyeing and finishing facility for shirts and suiting fabrics. Our commitment to quality excellence makes us one of the highest-value apparel fabric finishers of Pakistan. We offer a variety of innovative solutions for fashion dresses, commonly used in South Asia and Middle Eastern markets. Our modern manufacturing facility located in Faisalabad annually produces more than 25 million meters of finished fabric for variety of apparel end-uses. We provide our clients distinctive advantage in the market to outshine their competitors.

Ahmad Jamal is synonymous with quality cotton shirting fabrics but we also specialize in producing a variety of fabrics made of various fibers/blends such as Tencel, Modal, Linen, Spandex, Silk, Micro Polyester and Wool. We take inspiration from latest clothing trends in market and present new developments to keep our customers one-step ahead of their competition. Our development and production teams make use of contemporary knowledge of finishing equipment, raw materials and technologies and are comfortable with delicate, dense or other sensitive fabric articles.

Our talented and committed HR is the key to our successful development and delivery of quality services to our customers. In short, our customer-centric approach has enabled Ahmad Jamal Textile Mills to put customer satisfaction as its top priority.
NTN (1544246-2)
GST 0891999131073